About us

EXCELLENT REALESTATE is a division of EXCELLENT DEVELOPMENT specializing in the implementation of luxury investment. Our development projects are built for the most demanding clients. Experience in real estate development, knowledge of the Polish building law and formal procedures can guarantee our customers the highest quality of our services. People in charge of EXCELLENT REALESTATE department are high class real estate professionals with years of experience both in the field of real estate brokerage as well as real estate development industry.

EXCELLENT REALESTATE division was created for your comfort to be able to serve our customers in a professional and comprehensive way. We offer our clients real estate brokerage on the primary and secondary market, and assistance in obtaining funds to finance future investments by working with major financial institutions in the market. Each transaction we do from start to finish providing our customers with assistance at all stages. 


Type of realestate
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Call us: +48 793 37 93 93 or send us an e-mail:
Excellent development Sp. J., ul. Sołtysa Dytmara 3/U1, 30-126 Kraków
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